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Escape From Gravity

Hey Friends, Welcome to my Anti-Gravity Spam. Gravity sucks, but flying cars can help! Check out my latest efforts to escape the traffic jam, my creative response to being glued to earth, and putting gravity to good use for anti-aging purposes.


VerdeGo Aero

Powering the Urban Air Mobility Revolution

STUCK IN TRAFFIC? Learn about my motivation behind VerdeGo Aero in The Keys to the Flying Car.

Go to the VerdeGo Aero website. Contact us if you are an accredited investor and interested in enabling eVTOL "flying cars".

Join me at the Lindbergh Innovation Forum, 9am-Noon, Tuesday July 24, 2018 at Whitman Field in Oshkosh, WI.


Lindbergh Gallery

Escape Through Creativity Available: Escape from Gravity - #1/15 limited edition bronze on blue spalted maple. Yes – there is a theme going on here!

In progress: Strut Rocket. A 10-foot-tall retro design with smoke and lights. 3D printing is adding a new dimension to my work.

Coming soon: the Gnome Jet Chair – prototyped in wood, scanned and rendered in chrome. Check out this amazing animation of it!



Movement is the key to longevity...

Resisting the evil forces of gravity, our merry band of #OldGuysRockin escape to a tiny hut deep in the mountains of British Columbia. This video captures the camaraderie of climbing and skiing big mountains for a week straight. This pilgrimage is made every year to stave off the effects of aging. After a week or two of recovery, we feel younger the rest of the year! #OldGuysRockin!

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