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Sick and tired of gravity?

Sit back, relax and enjoy your Escape From Gravity holiday, featuring your irrepressible guide to Aerospace, Art and Adventure: Erik Lindbergh and his wookie translator Nanu.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your Escape From Gravity holiday, featuring your irrepressible guide to Aerospace, Art and Adventure: Erik Lindbergh and his wookie translator Nanu.



VerdeGo Aero is powering the flying car revolution. This month we welcomed three impressive companies to VerdeGo Aero! In 1927 my Grandather jumpstarted the long distance aviation industry. In 2002, I helped jump start the private spaceflight industry with the XPRIZE. Welcoming these companies to VerdeGo Aero is one more step towards my vision of revolutionizing short distance aviation.

In 2027, I want to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Grandfather's New York to Paris flight in a flying car. The world is ready and if you are an accredited investor, we would love to show you our stuff. How are flying cars different from helicopters and airplanes? Flying cars are a whole new design paradigm. Our CTO of VerdeGo Aero, and Director of the Eagle Flight Research Center at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Dr. Pat Anderson, shows us in a way that's compelling and easy to understand. Watch his 10 minute Lindbergh Innovation Forum video here: Airplane Design as Avatar. Join me in Seattle this week. Are you a teacher or passionate about STEM education? Join me at the Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Flight (LEAF) fly-off. Dec. 6th 5-9pm at Seattles Museum of Flight. Teams of Middle and High School students design build and fly their mini-electric aircraft and compete to see which aircraft can carry the most cargo. Admission to Seattle's Museum of Flight and this STEM competition are free that night! See details here.



Lindbergh Gallery: Escape Through Creativity This year, I created a new bronze sculpture that is a dream come true for me. Years ago, I created the escape from gravity artwork that is on my t-shirt above. Take a closer look at this image. Do you see the outline of a human embryo? This is symbolic of our infancy in terms of human potential. We think we are smart, but we are just babes in this vast expanding universe. My new bronze sculpture titled "Escape From Gravity" is the realization of this design in 3-dimensions. This work dances with life and I find myself captivated by the the detail in the blue figured maple background that represents the cosmos. It hangs nicely above the hearth in my home as seen above with the rustic rocket scientist and his mini-wookie, Nanu.

Escape From Gravity sculpture - This is #1/15 of a limited edition and each frame is unique. This blue universe frame is 36" x 34" x 5" ON SALE for $7500 **** $300 off. Grab it now by Dec 7th if you want it by Christmas. But wait there's more! With purchase of a bronze rocket sculpture, receive two Escape from Gravity T-shirts (image above) and a signed hardcover of the New York Times bestseller How To Make a Spaceship. Also available, Retro Rocket sculpture - Limited Edition 17" x 6" x 13" ON SALE: $2500



#OldGuysRockin: Permission to grow younger! Erik summiting Trophy Mountain Returning to the scene: #OldGuysRockin El Dorado video (on my youtube channel). This year six OGR's return to El Dorado Cabin. A tiny, remote cabin surrounded by a cirque of massive snowy peaks to practice escaping from gravity - Wish us luck! (and cold deep powder)

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