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Come along on a journey with Erik and Escape from Gravity.

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A delightful romp of inspired storytelling about
claiming strength and grace in life and creating a brilliant future for the next generation.
Chris Davenport
Founder Non-profit Storytelling Conference
NASA Langley -
Green Aviation Conference
TedX Rainier
University of California Davis
The Arthritis Foundation
American Airlines
United  Technologies 
American Helicopter Society
Mayo Clinic
St Louis Science Center
National Air and Space Museum
Florida Institute of Technology
Embry-Riddle University.
Aero Club de France
Explorer's Club
Royal Astronomical Society
Federal Aviation Administration
United States Air Force Academy
San Diego Aerospace Museum
Baltic Air Charter Association

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Erik's work with the XPRIZE Foundation showed him that the impossible dream is indeed possible.

"We changed the way the world thinks about spaceflight, and we unleashed the potential for incentive prizes to be applied to the great technical, social and environmental problems of our time – now is the time to realize that potential. We can, and must, work hard to create a brilliant future"

Erik Lindbergh

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