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Need to add FB and Twitter accounts


SEO: Set up for site and per page.

All images: Set up tags, SEO data, and any additional meta data.


Set up HTML code for target group advertizing.

Page - HOME (Phase 1 DONE)

Contact Us at bottom of page: Currently set to a testing email for Lyn...need to update to before going live.  Note: This could be any email address because the submitter doesn't have visibility into where the emails are sent.



"Contact Us" Need to update this to a tool that populates into a database for better tracking.  Need to add "I am not a robot" functionality for multiple inputs.

Page - About (Phase 1 DONE)

Do final check on links.

PHASE 2 - About

Add a couple more pictures embedded in the paragraph that relate to the story being told.

      - A picture that gives you super credibility

      - A picture that will make the audience smile.

Purpose - gives you a more well rounded 1st impression.

- Banner video of you speaking on stage.

- Youtube video cut from the Storyteller conference. (Erik has partially done on iMovie)



Page - Aerospace (Powering Imagination) (Phase 1 DONE pending video)

PHASE 2 - Aerospace

Add a section with very short text about why our audience would care about Powering Imagination.

Page - Adventure 


Page - Art (Phase 1 DONE)



Add a video of you sitting on a bench you built at Naturebridge.  Maybe this is a video adventure blog. Your art, the olympics, kayaking, hiking to Marymeer eating dried bananas, getting a sunset cocktail at the lodge restaurant.  Sounds like a great date, let's do it!

Page - Speaking

Double check to see if there are additional recent clients that are not on th list.

Need to edit and enter the speaking clips video.  This is a key piece we definitely want and I can help with.

Need to update placeholder image of Erik standing on Plane


downloadable mug shot

downloadable pdf bio

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